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About Us

Science to Sport bridges the gap between scientific research and sports men and women in the field.

Utilising scientific tools and experience gained through research and practical involvement at the highest professional and scientific level, the experts at science to sport are able to provide athletes with scientifically validated methods and products which they can use to their advantage during training and competition.

Using these principles, we aim to maximise the adaptation to training. In addition, knowledge and experience of competition specific to the chosen sport allows us to convert techniques and training adaptations into tangible results.

Senior Coaches

Dr. Jeroen Swart

Dr Swart is a sports physician and exercise scientist based at the Sports Science Institute in Newlands, Cape Town.

In addition to an undergraduate medical degree, he has a Masters Degree in Sports Medicine and a PhD in exercise science.

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John Wakefield

John has helped guide numerous cyclists to National and International success. John’s personal experience, high level of enthusiasm and his attention to detail has lead to him being one of South Africa’s most popular coaches.

John has a sound understanding of training prescription, strength and conditioning and athlete development, and continues to dedicate time to increasing his knowledge of sports performance. 

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Dr. Mike Posthumus

Dr Mike Posthumus is a research scientist with a PhD in Exercise Science. Mike divides his time between his research career, where he is a senior researcher at the Division of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine within the University of Cape Town, and his work as coach at Science to Sport. In addition, Mike is a mentor to the Science to Sport affiliate coaches.

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Benoit Capostagno

Benoit Capostagno completed his BSc degree (cum laude) specialising in the Sport Sciences at the University of Stellenbosch in 2006. 

He continued his studies at the University of Cape Town’s Research Unit for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine completing his honours with a first class pass in 2007.

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Affiliate Coaches

Yolandi Du Toit

Yolandi has been cycling professionally for the past 11 years. This included 4 seasons in Europe on board UCI Professional Ladies Teams.

In 2008 she took up mountain biking and has been on fat tyres since. With a passion for all things cycling she now wants to use her expertise, training as a coach and experience to coach others and help them reach their full potential.

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Jarred Salzwedel

Jarred Salzwedel completed his Honours degree in Sports Science at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in 2013. He is currently continuing his postgraduate work with his Masters degree at NMMU and is investigating training adaptations to differing high-intensity interval training programmes in cyclists.

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Mariske Strauss

Mariske completed her BSc (Sport Science ) degree at the University of Stellenbosch in 2016. She started her racing career at tender age of 10 and has been lining up on start lines ever since.

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Edward Greene

Edward raced professionally throughout Africa, Europe and North America for 5 years on a continental level. He has extensive race experience and a strong aptitude for the science of cycling.  

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Reece McDonald

Reece McDonald completed his BSc Honours in Exercise Science (First Class pass) at the University of Cape Town in 2017. In addition to Reece’s passion and research interest in cycling, he is also a high performance rowing coach.

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