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Science to Sport bridges the gap between scientific research and sports men and women in the field.

Utilising scientific tools and experience gained through research and practical involvement at the highest professional and scientific level, the experts at science to sport are able to provide athletes with scientifically validated methods and products which they can use to their advantage during training and competition.

Using these principles, we aim to maximise the adaptation to training. In addition, knowledge and experience of competition specific to the chosen sport allows us to convert techniques and training adaptations into tangible results.

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Personalised Coaching

After thorough physiological testing at an approved testing centre, we will provide you with personalised coaching using the latest training techniques specific to your sport and discipline.

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ErgoFiT is a scientifically formulated dynamic bike fitment system developed by Dr Jeroen Swart, a well known sports physician and exercise physiologist in the field of cycling.

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Lean more about training and other tips from our experienced senior coaches.

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