Scientifically formulated cycling ergonomic products

While some bike fitting methods use subjective assessments or limited static measurements, almost none take dynamic characteristics such as training history, training load, flexibility and discipline into account.

That is what sets ErgoFit apart

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Why ErgoFit?

  • Comprehensive fitting tool using a predictive and dynamic fitting process
  • Advanced regression algorithms ensure extreme accuracy of predictive report
  • Analysis of the relationship between bike fit parameters and the athlete's unique characteristics
  • Scientific system, removing subjective decisions and guesswork
  • 6 step digital dynamic bike fit process ensures 100% optimal bike fit
  • Comprehensive online database of client parameters and fitted bikes
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ErgoFit bicycle assembly jig


Apply ErgoFit measurements more easily on frames with unusual seat tube angles, offset seat tubes. The jig ensures simple yet accurate measurement of seat height, saddle setback, reach A, reach B and drop

ErgoFit pelvimeter and saddle size predictor

Asses ischial tuberosity width and predict optimal saddle size.


ErgoMAX is an additional system of measurements and corrections to the rider while both off and on the bike.

Off the bike measurements include varus and valgus foot alignment, cleat position, saddle width, bar width and optimal correction of femoral and tibial leg length discrepancies.

ErgoMAX training is aservice offered by Science to Sport to all ErgoFiT providers who have been certified for at least 6 months and have completed at least 50 ErgoFiT fittings.

ErgoMAX training will be provided via twice yearly seminars in major centers

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