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Evidence-based training methods to improve your performance.


Personal trainers, biokineticists and physiotherapists who would like to upskill themselves to add more value to their clients.


Who would like to learn more applied exercise physiology and programme design.


Understand exercise physiology, training priciples and methods behind a training programme.

It is not a prerequisite to have an any previous knowledge or experience to complete this course, but it is recommended that you are familiar with endurance sports, particularly cycling to benefit more from the course.


Your progress will be assessed at the end of every module, with multiple choice questions in order to continue through the course. This short course carries 9 HPCSA CPD points and 6 REPSSA CPR points.


Still not convinced?  Have a read through some the feeback from people who have completed the course. 

Ross Winckworth
I have been looking for a course like this for a while. The content was relevant to me as a beginner in the field of coaching and this was done for the sake of self-coaching. The website was confusing to use at times and is the only drawback of the course.
Andrew Wilkinson
Course was outstanding in its content, presentation and ease of use. Resources provided are excellent. In terms of cost this course represents outstanding value for money. Thank you!
Ester Wiid
I found the content to be well researched, of high quality and supported by experience. It is no doubt that both coaches and cyclists can benefit from this course. The masterclasses at the end of the course were a nice addition to the course. Thank you for wonderful insight and expertise, this was money well spent.
Jaco Venter
It was nice to see the more scientific side of the training programs I have been following from my coaches over the years and it makes more sense after knowing the reason some things worked for me and others not.
Kegan Strydom
This is a great introductory level course. It covers the basics well and gives you some basic tools on getting started and helping others. I bought the course to put into context what I have been reading (physiological bases for training adaption, bike fitting for performance and training programme development).
Mark Stevens
I have an Honours in Sport Science and currently work as a Biokineticist. I am also an avid cyclist and have completed the Cape Epic. The course was excellent and has sparked some new ideas to add to my practice and to continue learning in the field of sport science and exercise physiology.
Taryn Long
I was originally interested in this course to improve my own training and was so impressed by the quality of the course that I can start designing training plans for others too.
Roland de Haan
The contains highly relevant topics and is presented by capable teachers. The content is based on scientific literature, but also readily applicable in practice. Also, there are not many similar courses around, as far as I know, so this is really useful.
Lauren Coleman
I have a better understanding on the body and endurance training. The course helped me understand my training and responses to training - and feel educated enough to understand reactions to certain sessions.